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Everyone needs to make a will. In particular, anyone with dependent relatives must do so. Anyone who owns a property, or has any type of asset which you would wish relatives, friends or charities to benefit from should also make a will.

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Powers of Attorney

The need for Powers of Attorney can happen when you are young or later on in life, due to illness or injury, so it's important that should the worst happen, there are provisions in place for someone act on your behalf.

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Funeral Plans

Pre-planning your funeral today can take away the financial and emotional burden from your family at the moment when they are least able to cope.

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Equity Release

Equity Release can be used for any purpose including such things as home improvements, family gifts, purchasing a car, purchase of a more expensive property or traveling abroad.

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Living Wills

When you are ill you can usually discuss treatment options with your Doctor and then jointly reach a decision about your future care.

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